• Berthing

    Now offering over 200 berths in a variety of size options ranging up to 45 metres in length, providing permanent, casual and shopping berth options.

    Our redeveloped Arm A also offers separation pylons for ease of berthing and we have introduced on water dry boat storage on the F Arm for vessels up to 28 feet in length or to a maximum weight of 4.3 tonnes.

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  • Permanent Berths are available for all vessels ranging up to 45 metres in length, including new berths for Superyachts. We’ve a variety of pricing options to suit your budget and are happy to discuss these with you at any time. Contact Us.  

    On Water dry boat storage new at Birkenhead Point Marina

    We now have available at the marina on water dry boat storage for vessels up to 28 feet in length or to a maximum weight of 4.3 tonnes. The vessel is stored completely out of the water on a AirBerth situated within its own berth on the marina. Using the AirBerth will enhance your boating lifestyle, eliminate the need to anti-foul, preserve the value of your boat and most importantly give you unlimited access 24/7 to use your boat any time of the day or night at your leisure. The AirBerth is simple to use and takes only minutes to put the boat into and out of the water.

    For full details on the benefits of mooring your Boat at Birkenhead Point Marina, please click here.

    To view a map of our Marina including all of our berths, please click here.

    Welcome Packs

    Welcome Packs are given to all new permanent tenants and consists of:

    • Burke Waterproof Bag.
    • 2 x Branded Birkenhead Point Marina Burkes all-weather caps.
    • 1 x Branded Birkenhead Point Marina Cork key float. 
    • Amcal Chemist 30+ Sunscreen.
    • 2 x bottles of Birkenhead Point Marina 600 ml water.
    • "Lunch for Two" at Jean Louis Joseph Deli, Ground Level at Birkenhead Point Outlet Centre.


    Parking is available for all tenants with permanent berths within the carpark at Birkenhead Point Outlet Centre, which is located just a short stroll to the Marina’s water’s edge. Location Map.

    Casual berths are available from one day to up to three months. These berths range in size up to 45 metres in length and are subject to availability. Check our availability

    Public Transport

    If you require public transportation during your stay, buses run into the city at regular intervals from Victoria Road, located just a short stroll from the Marina. Trip time to the city is approximately 10 minutes. Sydney Buses website.

    The Birkenhead Point Marina is located on the doorstep to Birkenhead Point Outlet Centre. With over 120 premium outlet stores, on sale everyday along with Coles, ALDI, Fresh Food specialty stores and a host of cafés and restaurants, Birkenhead Point Outlet Centre is a convenient stop if you’re travelling by boat.

    Shopping Berths are available 7 days per week for a maximum period of 3 hours at a cost of $20 per boat up to 12 metres in length and $30 per boat for a vessel over 12 metres in length.

    Shopping Berths are subject to availability so please contact us prior to arrival and a berth will be allocated to your vessel.

    View a map of the Marina.