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The Spring Summer Fashion season is here!

Welcome to Kawana Shoppingworld's Style Guide! Throughout the Spring Summer season we will be posting weekly style videos, with each one focusing on a different trend we think you should know about! Make sure to check out our Facebook page for weekly style giveaways, tips and more.

Style Guide Episode 1 - One Shoulder

2016 was ALL about off the shoulder, and whilst this trend isn’t completely gone, there is a new variation… the one shoulder! This trend is feminine and fun and ultra stylish.

The one shoulder trend is suitable for just about every body type and age. For a younger, fun vibe opt for a frill detail. For a more understated style, go for a long sleeve, simple print top. This trend isn’t just about tops though! Try it with dress variations that can take you from day, to night with effortless style. 

Style Series Episode 2 - Gingham

There is no doubt that Gingham is the print of the season! Unlike other trends, you can incorporate gingham into your wardrobe in just about any piece! From tops, dresses, skirts, pants, and even shoes, there's the perfect gingham piece for everyone. 

When pairing gingham (no matter what kind) we recommend you let the print be the hero piece, and let  the other pieces be more subtle. Don't be scared to experiment though, this trend looks great with logo tees, and block colours.

Style Guide Episode 3 - Exaggerated Sleeves

Wondering how you can up your blouse game in an instant? Exaggerated sleeves are the way to go! From bell shape, billowing, ruffles, slits or even extra long, these sleeve details add a unique dose of fashion to even the simplest of outfit.

When wearing exaggerated sleeves, we recommend keeping the rest of your look minimal. A simple silhouette in a neutral colour palette is all you need to finish this on-trend look. A great positive of this trend is it's adaptability to different body shapes! There is an abundance of styles with exaggerated sleeves, meaning just about everyone should be able to find a top that works best for them!

Style Guide Episode 4 - Bold Colours


Two colours you NEED this season are pink and red. These colours are bright and bold, and super on-trend at the moment. Whilst they may seem a little scary to work into your wardrobe, fear not – try these simple ways to perfect the colours of the season!

Although it may be a bold look, going red all over is completely on-trend and incredibly stylish. So, if there was ever a time to rock a red head-to-toe look, it is now. Try this maxi dress from Ally Fashion

And why not wear red and pink together! The combination can be very complementary and can easily create a contemporary and fashionable look.



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